MOSS: small flowerless plants that usually grow in dense green clumps in damp shady spots, … or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

SharePoint is often referred to as a content management system or CMS, but it is so much more than that. It's a highly customizable, scalable platform that enables centralized, collaborative management of your entire content universe in a sophisticated cloud-based environment. SharePoint's extreme versatility gives businesses of all sizes access to enterprise-class solutions that can revolutionize the way businesses get down to business. While SharePoint might seem friendly enough to dabble in on your own, it's like many powerful things, enticing and exciting, easy to use dangerously. If you want to use this power for greatness, you'll need a highly specialized skill set. We got the skills.

Aoibri has expertise in tailoring SharePoint to the way you do business. We carefully investigate 'how' you work and 'why' you work, and we learn what's important to running the business as well as what's important to doing business. We do this before installing, configuring, customizing, and integrating your SharePoint solution into your business process. Then we'll take our most ambitious, friendly and patient people to train you and your teams on its use and the sharepoint deployment best practices​, so that you get the most out of your investment.  The result is a SharePoint system with a high adoption rate that really delivers on efficiency and productivity.

Why SharePoint?

SharePoint helps you cut training and maintenance costs, saving time and effort focusing on higher business priorities. It helps you to respond to changing business needs quickly, share ideas and expertise, and connect the right business person with the right business information enabling better decision making from the bottom to the top.