Ever look at something and feel like you can't see the forest for the trees, until someone turns it on its head, and suddenly it all makes sense? PowerPivot is just like that for business intelligence.  

Your business environment is changing fast, and you need to deal with the large amounts of data from multiple data sources and make them make sense together, instantly. You need a magic de-coder ring but all you have is SQL Server. We can work with that.

Aoibri can help you get a handle on the information situation. PowerPivot for SQL Server 2012 is a fantastic reporting tool that can sort and sum, independent of the original data layout, across large amounts of data, you'll see everything differently and more clearly with PowerPivot.

IT:You have this relentless business user constantly asking for extracts for this date range and that set of codes. She wants the data across all regions and the mid-west doesn’t have that particular code because they call it something else…. Sound familiar? You need PowerPivot.

Business: You have these databases and systems, but you can’t actually use the data being put into the systems because IT won't give you access to them…Sound Familiar? You need PowerPivot.

PowerPivot and Aoibri can:

  • Free the analyst from the need to import data into Excel worksheets before analyzing the data, with the ability to organize tables using the PivotTable tool in a relational way.
  • Handle huge amounts of data without the limitations of Excel worksheets. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), allowing you to define surprisingly rich expressions, compared to those that are standard in Excel.
  • Amazingly fast in-memory processing of complex queries over the whole database.
  • The ability to integrate different sources and almost any kind of data; from databases, Excel worksheets.
  • PowerPivot provides Business Intelligence functionality to Microsoft Office users, it's almost like self-service.
  • Within the PowerPivot for Excel environment, you can bring in data from virtually anywhere.
  • Easily organize, connect, and manipulate tables of large data sets.
  • Perform an in-depth analysis of your data, any way you want to slice it.
  • Use PowerPivot for SharePoint to share your workbooks across your team or publish them to the Web.

Aoibri can also help you publish your PowerPivot workbooks to SharePoint with its numerous benefits:

  • PowerPivot data access on a server. You can slice and filter data in a server document in the same way that they do when using a local workbook in Excel.
  • PowerPivot Gallery. A special-purpose SharePoint document library that provides rich preview and document management for published PowerPivot workbooks as well as other document types.
  • Automatic data refresh. You can set your PowerPivot workbooks to refresh automatically with the latest data at a regularly scheduled interval.
  • Data feed management. You can create and use data service documents in SharePoint. PowerPivot for SharePoint adds the content type for service documents that point to URLs that provide the feed.
  • Usage reporting on PowerPivot data access in Central Administration. SharePoint administrators can help you determine who is using your reports and how often.