In a global economy, competition is tight and every slowdown costs you time and money. It pays to make sure your Microsoft SQL Server is performing at its peak capacity – so your team can stay up to speed.

Aoibri's team has the skills you can rely on to optimize your Microsoft SQL Server with thorough performance testing. Our experts will help you diagnose and resolve database performance problems, optimize your code, and maintain top performance of your SQL Server. We use three main Microsoft-specific tools to diagnose problems and eradicate SQL Server problems: 

  • SQL Profiler: Monitors events and captures server data for analysis, finding what may be slowing down your performance. After the diagnosis, we de-bug and tune-up your system.
  • SQL Stress Test: Want to know how much your SQL Server can take? We use SQLStress, a tool designed to locate infrastructure problems in your server installation. SQLStress can simulate 1000s of users so you can find out what your system can handle before you find out the hard way.
  • Performance Monitor: We use the information compiled by Performance Monitor to gain snapshot information about the overall performance of your servers. It is an invaluable tool in monitoring and tuning your SQL Server.

Join​ our Application Performance Monitoring User Group (#APMUG​​​)

We meet monthly at Aoibri HQ in MHT to share challenges and solutions in the Performance Engineering, User Experience Management, and DevOps Best Practices regarding monitoring and measurement.