Office 365 is an advantage for many businesses of different shapes and sizes and Microsoft has done a great job creating user models and license levels that work for customers without breaking the bank.

Moving to Office 365 can be as simple as signing into the portal and using email but there is much more available and a few things you'll need to prepare for in order to take the most advantage of the features available to you through your Office 365 license.

Whether you are thinking about implementing Microsoft Office 365 or you've already begun to use it, Aoibri consultants can help you make the best long term strategic decisions and show you how to get the most from your membership.

We've seen folks get caught in sticky situations because they didn't plan the dive into Office 365 but allowed users to organically choose and use tools, without an over arching set of standards.

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We are business people first and technologist second, so we can offer your business the practical guidance you'll need to carefully implement the business process management functionality, social components and team or group environments of Office 365 while continuing to meet with your organization's governance needs.