Healthcare providers need above all from their systems security and trust. At Microsoft security and trust are paramount and their trusted cloud service help healthcare customers create solutions that meet the highest industry standard and government regulations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offer a template built specially for healthcare, enabling patient dashboards, capture of patient medical histories, screenings etc., and relationship tracking across physician practices and clinics. Because it's Microsoft you can expect seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies like Office 365, and Power BI.

Transforming your organization with Aoibri and Microsoft Solutions means you will have end to end support, from project planning and execution, through information architecture and business process workflows, to migration and custom integrations. We will be there to deliver the training and support that lead to faster internal adoption and better patient satisfaction.

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  • How to provide better care and experiences to more patients with limited resources.
  • Coordinate health services across care settings.
  • Engage people across multiple channels.
  • Same time and money while providing modern day healthcare.
Together we can create streamlined patient care, greater analytics for improved measurements, data driven decisions, organizational agility, caregiver and patient enablement across channels, for a better a workplace and better patient outcomes.