The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big powerful phrase.

IoT doesn't have to mean complicated and it doesn't have to be about billions of devices. It just has to be about connecting with things in meaningful ways that you've probably never been able to do before.

It can mean automating a business process, alerting someone to critical situation, remotely monitoring a patient, tracking a fleet of vehicles, accessing and moving funds in bank accounts, or responding to inventory as it moves through the business cycle.

These powers can be used for great things, but these powers can also mean risk to your business.

Risk can come in the form of disruption to the business. The need to be agile enough to incorporate new devices and tools to maintain your connection and relevance to the customer.

Security, privacy and compliance challenges across the globe can also mean risk when talking about IoT. The things that matter most to your business must be protected. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite provides a secure and private Internet of Things cloud solution.

IoT is the future and the future is now. Aoibri and Microsoft can help your business gain identify and develop you IoT opportunities, reduce costs, increase revenue, and transform your business.