The term DevOps has gotten a great deal of use in the last couple of years, trouble is that different people have differing definitions of what it means.

We believe that DevOps is a combination of culture and tools, the genesis of which was Agile development methodologies.

Agile practices brought together the important players at the start of a software development project and ensured they got to participate in the delivery early and often. This shortened the life cycle and reduced costs.

DevOps or Development Operations, takes this paradigm even further. DevOps takes these achievements across the business, removing the blinders that have lived between IT, Business Users, and the Executive Leadership, illuminating the important things like Why? When? and What about…?

If you are not presently in a DevOps transformation project, I'll bet it's coming soon. Aoibri can help guide you through. We can help bridge gaps, connect the dots and make sure your efforts have measurable results. Talk to our DevOps team today.