Custom Application Development

There's an adage about the burdens of our work, "There are two things you don't want to see made, sausage and software". It's actually true. Unless you're in the business of building software, you really don't want to find yourself in the software building business.

The team at Aoibri has been building software since DOS was the most popular operating system. We've polished the process for extracting the business requirements, making sure the users and business constraints are understood, and that they are reflected in the planning. We are always thinking about the business problem being solved. We practice Agile methodology that allows us to demonstrate work being completed regularly and provide insight to ensure the finished product fits the bill. Our team can deliver .NET on SQL and SharePoint or Mobile or LAMP. We are prepared for current technologies and ready for new ones. We know that our biggest value for your business is that we know how to listen, and understand the problem, we can articulate a solution and we know how to build great software on schedule and on budget.

Aoibri Project Managers and Business Analysts can lead every Client through a requirement gathering processes that provide just the right level of documentation to get the important parts on paper and the engineers engaged. We have a practiced delivery system that enables our highly efficient application development teams to create and demonstrate, so we can share and provide feedback at each stage. No black holes in this process, transparency is the key.

Trust in Aoibri and you will see your custom development dreams realized.

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