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Oibrí is Irish for a worker.

Aoibri is focused on providing DevOps, Application Performance Monitoring, SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Custom Application Development​ to Enterprise IT with special expertise in the Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Higher Education domains.

​It takes skills, tools, knowledge, experience and work to make great things happen. Aoibri [eh-bree] has people with the skills and tools, and we have a combined knowledge of more than 40 years in Finance, Information Technology and Software. We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work for you.


Our SharePoint deployment planning services and SharePoint ​application development experts work with your business professionals and IT department to create custom solutions and develop applications that keep your business process propelled and keep your budget in balance. Whether revitalizing existing applications and SharePoint solutions or creating new custom applications tailored to your users and your organization, Aoibri will be the team, with the business intelligence, tools and experience to understand the problem and deliver the solution.


Our tenure in practicing Agile and Test driven development have naturally led us to expand those principals and key practice areas into DevOps expertise and leadership. DevOps is the focus and knowledge to build teams inclusive of business and technology, using tools to systematize success wherever possible and building in monitors and alerts to key people based on business rules. DevOps is about limiting the potential for the negative impacts of interdependent​ systems on each other, and empowering teams of people to build tools and systems with the speed and agility your business requires. Aoibri can help introduce DevOps to your organization or advance your DevOps practice already in place.


A pillar of our DevOps practice is Application Performance Monitoring (APM). We have been building APM tools since the beginning of developer centered tools suites and we have partnered with the leading vendors of APM products and yet remain technology agnostic, giving us the freedom to recommend the most right tools and practices for your organization's particular needs and teams. Aoibri can help you find and resolve the problem facing your team today, and/or evaluate your products and build in monitors to prevent performance problems from impacting your users tomorrow.​

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